Currently I am a supervisor in Telekom Austria's call centre for business customers.

Depending on how you look at it, you could say that I started my career in this company quite a few years ago. It would be equally true to say it was only in 2002. The thing is: Back in 1996, I started to work at "Radio Austria Communications". This company, originally founded in 1923 by "Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd", was re-named "Datakom Austria" later and, in 2002, dissolved and merged with Telekom Austria, who had owned it for some years by then.

I started working as a product manager for what is called "Elektronischer Rechtsverkehr" in Austria - a terrific system that had pioneered e-government long before. For some time I was also member of the project team for the "European Business Register - EBR".

In August '99 I felt it was time for a change and was happy to be offered the chance to become manager of our technical helpdesk. When Telekom took over, I found this unit transferred to the call centre and myself being team leader. Only a few months later I successfully applied for the supervisor.