... short and incomplete: Here's a list of things I like. And, of course, of things you'd better keep away from me:

My life in two columns? Impressively simple.
In Out
Musicals (like Les Misérables, Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla Soccer 
ABBA, the Geschwister Pfister and Barbra Streisand  Madonna and the Spice Girls 
Good food, which means: Chocolate, vegetable, Nudelknudel (no, I'm not going to translate this), lasagne, ...  Fish and too much meat 
Crazy new things on the net, open standards, free software  Cool yuppies and narrow minded people 
Programming with Delphi  Political correctness 
Star Trek and (almost) every other kind of science fiction  Getting up at 5:45a.m. 
Anne Rice  Account balances 
Heide Schmidt  Andreas Khol 
Eurovision Song Contest  Chance intellectuals