Portrait of Oskar Welzl
  • Born on June 18th, 1967, in Linz, Austria
  • Final exam at the Akademisches Gymnasium, Linz, in 1985
  • Participation in a students exchange program, leading to a two months stay in various towns and cities in the USA
  • Started to study law at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz
  • Summer jobs at the Oberbank and at the Radio Austria AG (later re-named Datakom, now part of Telekom Austria AG)
  • Network administrator at a law firm
  • Development of a CEPT/ETSI videotex encoder software; editor as well as technical advisor of several sites on the Austrian videotex network Btx (which was further developed by Datakom to become today's Aon).
  • Finished my studies in 1994
  • One year's court practice at courts in Vienna and Lower Austria
  • Worked at IMD (now divided into Medix Informatik GesmbH and IMD GesmbH) doing software development and customer support
  • Published some articles in the daily Wirtschaftsblatt and the bi-monthly magazine Online
  • June, 1996: started to work for Datakom Austria AG (now Telekom Austria AG, see also: Occupation)