Economy, Companies, Career


Telekom Austria's business databases (Austrian business register, European business register etc.)

EBR (European Business Register) - international project website

EBR (European Business Register) - product information

Electronic Legal Communication

Austrian e-government system

IMD GesmbH

Medix Informatik GesmbH


Telekom Austria

Education, Schools, Universities

Akademisches Gymnasium Linz

Johannes Kepler University

Politics, Government, Authorities


Free Software Foundation Europe

Heide Schmidt

Town of Linz - official website

Computers, Internet

Aon Website


Chapter about XML at SelfHTML

Chapter about XML at W3Schools


German language welog-service

Microsoft XML Core Services

Mozilla Firefox

My weblog

My weblog in English, translated by Babelfish


Telekom Austria's unified messaging service

The GNU Operating System

Homepage of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

The XSLT C library for Gnome

World Wide Web Consortium

XHMTL 1.0 specification

XLink specification

XML specification

XSL specifications

Entertainment, Music, Media

Abba - The Site


Anne Rice

Barbra Streisand


A fan's website about the musical Chess (Andersson/Rice/Ulvaeus)

Chess The Musical

Official website created for the swedish production of the musical Chess (Andersson/Rice/Ulvaeus)

ESC Today

Daily news about the Eurovision Song Contest

Official Website for the Eurovision Song Contest; usually up to date only 2-3 months before and after the event

Kristina från Duvemåla

A fan's website about the musical Kristina från Duvemåla (Andersson/Ulvaeus)

Kristina från Duvemåla

Official website created for the swedish production of the musical Kristina från Duvemåla (Andersson/Ulvaeus)

Les Misérables

Official website of Alain Boublil's and Claude-Michel Schönberg's successful musical

OGAE Austria

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest

Star Trek

The "Geschwister Pfister"


My wish list at Amazon

Richard Stallman's Personal Home Page

Travel, Holidays

Friesenhof Hotel

Hotel in Trassenheide, Germany

Haus Neumair Bed&Breakfast

Bed&Breakfast in Velden/Carinthia (near lake Wörthersee)

Headland House Bed&Breakfast

Bed&Breakfast in Carbis Bay near St. Ives, Cornwall

Roseville Bed&Breakfast

Bed&Breakfast in Youghal, Ireland