Presents, Presents, Presents!

Nicely wrapped presents

Roughly 6.3 billion people worldwide share the same fate each year: They do not know which presents to give to me on my birthday or at Christmas. Well, in fact, they used to share this fate. They don't any more: Now there's Amazon and its wish list.

How Do I Use This?

The great thing about Amazon's wish list is that it knows whether a whish has already been fulfilled. Once somebody decided to buy present A for me, the next person will no longer see it on the list. (Which makes sense if you think of the 6.3 billion people - imagine what would happen if they'd all go for present A!) What's not so great about Amazon is that it knows only if you bought the present at their site, right from the wish list. If you don't, if you, say, print the list and buy an item or two in the shop around the corner, we're sure to expect some trouble at Christmas.

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It works! Give it a try!

I know people hesitate to use this easy method mainly for two reasons: Either they never used Amazon before and are not sure whether or not their credit card information is safe there. If you belong to this group: Trust me, it is, I've tried it myself. The other group is deterred by the phrase "Versenden an: Oskar Welzl" ("Can dispatch to" in the English version). They believe Amazon will send the present to my home address automatically. This will not happen unless you want it. During the ordering process, you will have the opportunity to decide where they should send the present: to me (which is fine if you live far away and can't make it here for Christmas) or to your home, so that you can watch die video yourself before you gift-wrap it and hand it over to me.

Do It Now!

See my wish list at Amazon! (It's available only in the German pages of Amazon - sorry for that.)